In 1995, Rich Segal, a grad student in the Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) department at the University of Washington (UW), roped in a number of fellow grad students to ride STP, the Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic. While training, using routes from Bakeries by Bicycle, someone coined the term “Pastry Powered Turing Machines” — a pun based on the unofficial CSE icon, the Steam Powered Turing Machine. Our motto is: We live to eat… we bike to eat more!
12 riders: Paul, Rich, Joanna, Don, Ruben, Keith, Lauren, Eric, Erik, Marc, Jennifer, and Kevin completed STP that summer.

Flash forward 11 years… Lauren, Ruben, and Erik, still in the Seattle area, decide to do it again. So we call the gang… Paul, Keith, Marc, Rich, and Joanna are in, with Keith, Rich, and Joanna all pledging to fly out. We meet some new people – including Megan, Julie, Scott, Kate, and Katie. And we do STP again!

Now, the Pastry Powered T(o)uring Machines are back, and are an informal cycling, triathlon, and social club based in the Seattle area. We’re interested in group training and do mostly cycling rides, either lead by members or part of other groups (such as Cascade Bicycle Club or Tacoma Wheelmen).

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