ID while riding

When riding, we should all have a piece of paper or an ID tag that lists our information and emergency contact info when we run/bike etc. PARTICULARLY if you’re running/biking for distance or when going out by yourself or in a group where you’re not familiar with all the people.

When I run, I have a 3×5 index car in my fanny pack that has:

My name
Emergency contact name and phone
Physician and preferred hospital
Any known medical allergies/issues.

(Additionally I run with my driver’s license, 1 credit card and about $20 in case of emergencies. I bike with more but that’s because I have the paniers)

You could also get one of these:

I highly suggest by your next ride: at least get a 3×5 index card and put your information on that card. It’s small enough that you can keep in your seat bike bag with your spare tube etc

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