Mountain to Sound, then home.

On 6/25, Lauren did the Mountain to Sound relay – the Mountain biking portion, then road home on her road bike with Greg and Marc via most of the road biking portion of the race. It was gruelingly hot, and we had a nasty headwind all but the last 10 miles. Lauren’s road bike (the crank) may be dead, but it can’t be fixed until her back wheel is… but that’s another story.

Check out for details on the race.

For some personal pictures see here


The start of the 1/3 mile run … running over gravel in @#)(*$ shoes with cleats on them. At 2500 feet. I was on the right side of the pack. I had never done a le-mans style start. If I had to do it over again, I’d leave my helmet at my bike, things like that. Maybe even run in my regular shoes and switched them. (>10MB of video)

The end of the 1/3 mile run … Lauren grabs her bike (>33MB)

The end of 23 miles… lauren comes in for a landing and so does her bike. (>8MB)

Lauren’s commentary on the bike ride. (> 13MB)
Then there’s the rest of the ride home, as seen on motionbased:

UZ to Fall City loop, 93.2 miles

Ruben, Megan, Paul, Scott, and I did a lovely ride on a hot, sunny day today! Scott met us at Marymoor and just did the 50 mile Tour de Cure loop with us; while the rest of us trucked to Marymoor and back from UZ via the trail. We made good time — overall, averaged about 14 miles an hour moving, including the time spend on a couple of good hills.
My GPS log:

A tale of two rides…

A bunch of us did a century, +/- 5 miles (I was -) this weekend. We decided to truck down to The Hill, which is the biggest hill on STP — all 300 feet of it (OK, it’s not a big hill). This is approximately 45 miles away from our starting point, University Zoka, or UZ as we call it. We did most of the initial STP route, but instead of taking the West Valley Highway, which has a fair amount of traffic, we hopped onto the Interurban Trail, which is a great trail — no roots, minimal traffic, nice and speedy. We made great time, averaging about 15 mph and making it down to this great espresso store at the corner of Milwaukee & Valley Ave. in Sumner – The Coffee Corner if I can make the picture out (stupid phone took it at itty-bitty resolution).

Sadly, right before this point, we had a flat — and no spare tube for a 650 tire! Tire repair took a bit longer than usual, but such is life. Anyway, we took off and did the hill. Triumphant, we quickly cashed it back in, zipping down to the red light at the base of the hill (d’oh!). We then trucked back up Interurban, then decided to take a bit of a detour and take the Green River Trail to the Duwamish Trail, which cuts across the east side of West Seattle. We made it to downtown Seattle, and at this point we split up — Scott and I had to book it home, while the rest of the gang decided to do a bit more of a ride to get in a full century. Anyway, I don’t feel too bad about missing it… I ended up doing 95 miles, so I’m feeling pretty reasonable about everything.Next week: Flying Wheels!Erik’s log:’s log:

Addendum from Lauren

Don’t forget that we were on a volcano evacuation route

Volcano Route

Cycling around Cambridge

My final day in Cambridge, I went cycling around the city with Nick and Andrew, another researcher from MSRC. I had found what looked like a nice route at CTC Cambridge: that went around the city. So, starting from MSRC, we biked mostly due west to connect to the loop, and then took it clockwise. Turns out this wasn’t the best idea… the cue sheet wasn’t the easiest to follow, and we were going backwards — it called for counter-clockwise.

Anyway, we managed to get through the first half of the loop without much difficulty, but then managed to get a bit lost… oops. Also, turns out that there was a problem with the camera… the shutter stuck in a halfway up position, with the D70 flashing “Err.” Gonna have to look at that when I return.

After a brief stop at lunch, we took a bit of a wrong turn and went due west vs southerly… after a bit, we arrived at a sign for the town of Babraham… yes, its real. And apparently, there’s a nearby zoo… Linton Zoo…. so, it’s Babraham Linton Zoo. Fun fun fun… 🙂

Anyway, we turned south and then circled about, completing the loop more in a plus-shape versus a loop. But hey, we still got our 40 miles, and all is good.

40 miles, GPS log:

Cambridge to Ely

A few days after a trip to Loch Ness, Nick and I teamed up with another colleague from MSRC (and as it turns out CMU) Dushyanth did a quick ride from MSRC in Cambridge up to Ely (pronounced EE-lee).

MotionBased GPS log: – 37.65 miles. Don’t believe the 7:30:09 time… we took quite some time at lunch (Pizza Express) and at the Ely Museum waiting for the rain to let up.

Here’s Nick and Dushyanth:


and here’s yours truly at the River Great Ouse (pronounced ows, although here it’s more like ooze), the fifth-longest river in the UK.


A few seconds later, this flotilla of swans decided to pose for a photo:


There wasn’t a whole lot between Cambridge and Ely; it’s relatively flat, and aside from a freak hail storm (d’oh!), we got to the cathedral at Ely quite handily:




We couldn’t actually go inside the cathedral, as they were filming Elizabeth: The Golden Age starring I believe Cate Blanchett. Guess this means I’ll to see the first Elizabeth movie, as I’m dying to see the interior of the cathedral! Of course, I suspect I could just look for other images out there… 🙂