Cambridge to Ely

A few days after a trip to Loch Ness, Nick and I teamed up with another colleague from MSRC (and as it turns out CMU) Dushyanth did a quick ride from MSRC in Cambridge up to Ely (pronounced EE-lee).

MotionBased GPS log: – 37.65 miles. Don’t believe the 7:30:09 time… we took quite some time at lunch (Pizza Express) and at the Ely Museum waiting for the rain to let up.

Here’s Nick and Dushyanth:


and here’s yours truly at the River Great Ouse (pronounced ows, although here it’s more like ooze), the fifth-longest river in the UK.


A few seconds later, this flotilla of swans decided to pose for a photo:


There wasn’t a whole lot between Cambridge and Ely; it’s relatively flat, and aside from a freak hail storm (d’oh!), we got to the cathedral at Ely quite handily:




We couldn’t actually go inside the cathedral, as they were filming Elizabeth: The Golden Age starring I believe Cate Blanchett. Guess this means I’ll to see the first Elizabeth movie, as I’m dying to see the interior of the cathedral! Of course, I suspect I could just look for other images out there… :)

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