Cycling around Cambridge

My final day in Cambridge, I went cycling around the city with Nick and Andrew, another researcher from MSRC. I had found what looked like a nice route at CTC Cambridge: that went around the city. So, starting from MSRC, we biked mostly due west to connect to the loop, and then took it clockwise. Turns out this wasn’t the best idea… the cue sheet wasn’t the easiest to follow, and we were going backwards — it called for counter-clockwise.

Anyway, we managed to get through the first half of the loop without much difficulty, but then managed to get a bit lost… oops. Also, turns out that there was a problem with the camera… the shutter stuck in a halfway up position, with the D70 flashing “Err.” Gonna have to look at that when I return.

After a brief stop at lunch, we took a bit of a wrong turn and went due west vs southerly… after a bit, we arrived at a sign for the town of Babraham… yes, its real. And apparently, there’s a nearby zoo… Linton Zoo…. so, it’s Babraham Linton Zoo. Fun fun fun… :)

Anyway, we turned south and then circled about, completing the loop more in a plus-shape versus a loop. But hey, we still got our 40 miles, and all is good.

40 miles, GPS log:

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