Mountain to Sound, then home.

On 6/25, Lauren did the Mountain to Sound relay – the Mountain biking portion, then road home on her road bike with Greg and Marc via most of the road biking portion of the race. It was gruelingly hot, and we had a nasty headwind all but the last 10 miles. Lauren’s road bike (the crank) may be dead, but it can’t be fixed until her back wheel is… but that’s another story.

Check out for details on the race.

For some personal pictures see here


The start of the 1/3 mile run … running over gravel in @#)(*$ shoes with cleats on them. At 2500 feet. I was on the right side of the pack. I had never done a le-mans style start. If I had to do it over again, I’d leave my helmet at my bike, things like that. Maybe even run in my regular shoes and switched them. (>10MB of video)

The end of the 1/3 mile run … Lauren grabs her bike (>33MB)

The end of 23 miles… lauren comes in for a landing and so does her bike. (>8MB)

Lauren’s commentary on the bike ride. (> 13MB)
Then there’s the rest of the ride home, as seen on motionbased:

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