First time STPer’s experience (from Scott)

As a first time STPer, I have to say what an amazing experience! I remember biking down 45th ave on my way to the starting point and being struck by just how many cars were stuck in traffic (almost of them with bicycles on their racks) at 5:45 in the morning on a Saturday trying to get to the UW parking lot. I remember during the starting waves seeing all the funky recumbent bikes, like the one where the guy had used PVC piping to build his own customized head rest, the young guy taking off ahead of me riding the Big Wheels tricycle, the father/son tandem cyclists, … just about the only thing I didn’t see were any unicyclists. Fast forward 200 miles later, I must have made a dozen new friends including the ones I met while staying overnight in Centralia, consumed probably more than 50 different food items (including a creamsicle!) and several gallons of electrolyte spiked water, and biked through more than a dozen counties. My favorite part of the whole trip (besides that massage I got at the end of the 1st day :) was crossing over the Lewis & Clark bridge with a few hundred other people, with all the cars waiting as we passed by, and seeing the “The State of Oregon Welcomes You” right at the top overlooking the Columbia river and then swooping down and around to continue the long march along the river. That alone was worth the price of admission.

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