Lake Stevens Triathlon

So this morning, at the crack of 4:45, I got up, loaded my bike onto the top of our Prius (quite a sight to see), and drove up to Lake Stevens. Crossing Route 2 from Everett to Lake Stevens was kind of an earie sight – the fog was holding really low over the river valley giving it a spooky as dawn was hitting. As I approached Route 2, I started to notice other cars with bikes in or on them… and soon we were a line of athletes making their way to the north side of Lake Stevens.

Our goal? To survive the Lake Stevens International distance triathlon in this opressive heat.

111_1182.JPG111_1183.JPG111_1180.JPGHelen was the organizer of this whole thing and the swimmer of our group, I was the biker, and John was the runner under our team name “Roamin’ for Naomi.” Joan did the whole thing herself!

Go Joan!

After I parked the car and went to the transition area, I noted that this was a competetive playing field. Most of the people there were 20 or early 30 somethings. They were buff (for the most part). This competition was a qualifier for a tri in Florida… One of the competitors was a 75 (tomorrow’s her 76th birthday) nun: Sister Madonna: She looked not a day over 50. I.Kid.You.Not.

111_1179.JPGAnyway, my poor creaky little 11-year-old Specialized Allez looked pretty rickety in comparison to some of the up to $5000+ bikes I saw racked up. I was jealous. I knew it was a hilly course from driving it on Friday. My goal was to finish in close to 2 hours, under 2 hours (14mph av), and I’d be happy with anything under that.

111_1184.JPG111_1195.JPGWe won first place in our division (Mixed international distance relay)!!!!!!

Helen swam .6 miles in 24:17, I biked 28 really FREEKING hilly miles in 1:42 (average speed 16.3mph). Check out the elevation profile!
John did the run in 55:51 – really damn good considering how hot it was by 9:30 when he took off. We got actual winners plaques to prove it!

We finished the whole thing in 3:03:53 – (we missed being the top finishers of all relays, including the all woman team who kicked serious bootie by 37 seconds). Here are the official results
I treated myself to a 15 minute massage after that. And yes Scott, it was REALLY good. You did the right thing on STP 😉

My mom asked me on the way home from the tri why I’m doing all this. I just told her it’s like our bike jerseys say: we live to eat, we bike to eat more. Seriously. I had 5 cookies right after the tri and I really really really didn’t care. They tasted REALLY good.

So the only negative was after I did that I had to play softball (my team didn’t have enough women without me)… in 97 degree heat. They have this rule in our league that if you pitch 4 straight balls to a guy and a girl follows, the guy goes to 2nd and the girl gets the option of an automatic walk or to hit. Normally I’d choose to hit. This time I chose to walk (because at this point I was practically falling asleep.). So first the ump looks at me and says “Did you pay for this league?” and I said “yes”, so he tells me I should get my money’s worth and hit. I told him no thank you. So then some A-hole on the other team calls me a CHICKEN from their dugout. I turned, (still with my body markings on my arm and legs) to their dugout and said at the top of my lungs “LET’S SEE HOW CHICKEN YOU ARE WHEN YOU’RE PLAYING AFTER YOU’VE DONE A 28 MILE BIKE RACE IN THE MORNING” And I walked to first.

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