Night and Day Street Scramble

Because 2 days of riding last weekend wasn’t enough:

Ruben, Elias, Matthew, (Greg’s) Omar and I went on the Night and Day Challenge (a Street Scramble as the Pastry Powered T(o)uring Machines (although sans jerseys). Greg and Elizabeth did a 7 hour challenge.

I had Elias on our trail a bike, Ruben had Omar (who weights more) on our mountain bike with nobby tires. AND I made him carry the backpack. Still with all that handicap, the guy STILL killed me up the hills.

There was only 1 hill I couldn’t make it up: the 2nd hill up Madison. Just wayyyy too steep. I did make it up from the water to Lake Washington Blvd, not a bad feat! Turn on the elevation for a good laugh. And then imagine those hills pulling about 70 extra pounds up on a wiggly trail-a-bike.

Now we wound up scoring 640 points (out of 3000, but usually a 3 hour scramble is only out of 1000 points…) and we got with 5 minutes to spare. We took 2nd place. Ok it was 2nd place out of two teams, but I had 3 newbies on my team AND the first place team scores 660. Ruben and I are trying to figure out HOW we could have gotten just 20 or 30 extra points in those last 5 minutes, but we were worried we couldn’t get back up any hills in time (you’re docked 10 points for every minute your back late…)

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