Cycling Jerseys Part II

See this post and this post for background information on the Pastry Powered Cycling Jerseys.

There’s been enough demand we’re looking into printing another round of the cycling jerseys. The cost is $78/shirt, and we will wait until we have pre-ordered before the order is sent in. Once I send in the order, it will take 8 weeks until we receive the shirts. ORDER NOW and we can have them for next cycling season!

Here are some photos:

Women and men's front
Women’s and men’s front (Lauren and Ruben)
Old and new frontOld and new back

Front and back of the old shirts worn by Ruben (left) and new shirts worn by Erik

The shirts are manufactured by Canari. They sell some Canari shirts down at Gregg’s Greenlake or REI if you want to try one on for size, which I recommend as they seem a bit tight. (Look for the Reeses Pieces or other logo shirts). The shirts have raglan sleeves, a hidden zipper (zips halfway down) and 3 rear pockets, etc. You can see our modified pastry-powered turing machine on the back along with our new cycling along the infinite tape on the front. On the yellow sides are the CSE logo.

Here’s Canari’s size chart based on Chest sizes

Mens S M L XL
Chest size 38-40 40-42 42-44 46-48
Women’s c.s. 30-32 32-34 34-36 36-38