Road Race: Tour de Dung Series (Sequim)

sequim course.jpgLink:

Description: A fun, fast, mostly flat course at the top of the Olympic Peninsula. What makes things interesting is the wind — there’s often a strong wind from the west. The course starts off on a rolling hill and then things pick up in a hurry — 30 MPH (assuming the wind is from the west). The course progresses nicely until the ~5mi straightaway — right into the wind. For the most part, this kills breakaways — riders can get off for a bit, but the peleton ropes them back in on the wind. Riders need to be careful on the initial hill on the subsequent laps — too much wind (or cross-wind on the N-S route) and they’ll get dropped if they don’t make it up the hill with the pack.

Start Times:

Cat 5 Men – 10 AM. From Seattle, be on the 7:10 AM ferry!

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