Sunday STP Training Ride

Sunday Elizabeth and I went for an enjoyable ride up and around the lake to Redmond and back. To clarify, it was enjoyable for me, Elizabeth was pulling Emmett in the trailer and doing a fantastic job up and down the hills that become meaningful when you are hauling an extra 40lbs + two extra tires of friction. The weather for the day was cold and cloudy, but fortunately the worst it got was a minute of light sprinkles. The headwind held up long enough to be a glorious tailwind that pushed us home. Emmett was a trooper and just had a great time eating trail mix which mysteriously consisted entirely of M&M’s while all the peanuts and raisins ended up on the floor of the trailer.
I wish I had complete data for the trip, but apparently I forgot to turn my watch on in Bothell and the last leg of the ride was lost. The total ride was 18 miles out and 18 miles back for a nice 36 mile trip. That said, I think I will add one more layer of clothes if the weather remains at 42 degrees.

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