Road Race: Vance Creek RR (Elma, WA)

Vance Creek Road Race

Elma, WA

Date: Sunday, April 29

Location: Vance Creek Park, Elma, WA

Course Description: 12.8 mile loop that starts flat with rollers in the first 2 miles with a 1 km climb at 5 miles. The course then turns downhill to flat twisty farmland. Perfect for the all-rounder.

Cost: $20 race day, Pro 1&2 $25. Day of race registration only. USCF license required to race. One day license for category 5 men and 4 women is $10 and available at the race. To race in category 3 races and above you must have an USCF annual license ($60) which can be purchased at only (not for sale at the race).

Prizes: Cash/Merchandise

Registration: Registration, Parking, Starting Line, Awards are at Vance Creek Park. Registration opens at 8:00 AM.

Race Numbers: WSBA numbers will be used and can be purchased at because numbers won’t be for sale at the race. Rental numbers will be available at the race for a $10 rental fee (of which $5 is refundable). For out-of-state riders there is no fee to rent a number just a $5 deposit. Number on your left side. (Not on top of your back please)

Race Schedule:

Morning Races:
9:30 – 4/5 Men, 43 Miles (3 1/2 laps), Prizes 3 Places
9:35 – Masters, C/D, 43 Miles (3 1/2 laps), Prizes 3 Places
9:40 – Women, 1-3, 43 Miles (3 1/2 laps), 30% of Cat 1-3 Entry Fees 5 Places
9:45 – Women 4, 30 Miles (2 1/2 laps), Prizes 3 Places

Afternoon Races:
1:00 – Pro 1-2 Men, 78 Miles (6 1/2 laps), 30% of Cat 1/2 Entry Fees 5 Places
1:05 – 3 Men, 69 Miles (5 1/2 Laps), 20% of Cat 3 Entry Fees 5 Places
1:10 – Masters A/B, 69 Miles (5 1/2 Laps), Prizes 3 Places

Notes: Promoter reserves the right to combine or split races based on the number of riders. All races start at Vance Creek Park.

Directions from Seattle: Go south to Olympia at take Exit #104 off I-5 to Hwy 101 (to Ocean Beaches/Shelton). Follow 101 for ~6 miles to exit marked Hwy 8 to Aberdeen. Follow Hwy West to Aberdeen/Elma. Take second Elma exit, turn left at Stop Sign. Take the 2nd right. Follow signs to Vance Creek Park. (~500 meters)

Directions from Portland: Take 1-5 North and follow it to US 12 West Exit 88-B toward Aberdeen/Tenino. Turn onto US 12 West and follow it to Elma (approximately 26 miles). At Elma turn left to stay on US 12 West. Take the next Elma exit which is a ½ mile and turn left at Stop Sign. Take the 2nd right. Follow signs to Vance Creek Park. (~500 meters)

Other Information: Masters A/B (Age 30+ cat. 1-3) Masters C/D (age 30 cat. 4-5 and age 50+ all

Warm Ups: Please minimize warming up on the course.

Contact: Jack Brodhead at or email Dave Wamsley at for more information.

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