University Zoka to Alki and Back (April 7, 2007)

Megan and I ended up doing a simple out and back loop from University Zoka to Alki and back (37.6 miles). I picked Saturday morning because I really wanted to get a sunny day bike ride in. That said the weather gods were unusually cruel in that Friday Afternoon was gorgeous, and Sunday Morning was great for a bike ride, but Saturday……not so much. Don’t get me wrong, at no point were Megan and I complaining about it being unusually cold, but the day was not as advertised. The 9am start found us riding on relatively clear trails out to Alki and our return around noon found Myrtle Edwards crowded, but on the whole the conditions were for a great bike ride. Our 30 minute coffee stop at the Alki bakery for a latte and a Chocolate Chip Espresso Muffin was definitely worth it.

The data on the trip via Motion Based is inaccurate as I forgot to turn my watch on until we were in downtown Seattle. That said since it was a simple out and back course the return trip was 18.8 miles out so a 37.6 mile round trip.

Your humble scribe,

Ruben ” Next time complete data and in sunny weather please… ” Ortega

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