Toeclips through the Tulips 2007

Ruben, Lauren, Megan, Katy, Elizabeth (towing Emmett), and Erik (towing Laura) went on our (mostly) annual Toeclips through the Tulips ride yesterday. The weather was threatening, but we only got hit with a couple of early AM sprinkles before lunch. Temperatures were in the 50s and it wasn’t too windy. The route starts in Mt. Vernon at the public parking next to the river.


The route starts heading south from Mt. Vernon following the east side of the Skagit River, then wraps around as we head to La Conner. For the most part, the road is chip seal, and the early going this year was rough… new chip seal, so rough going. Erik got a flat pretty early on! The southern half of the ride won’t show many tulips, by the way. It’s mostly there to rack up some miles and get warmed up!

At La Conner, met up with Lupe and Elias and had lunch in the La Conner Brewing Company. They have a small beer garden on the side of the restaurant, and some open space behind (available via the beer garden or by cycling around the block onto 2nd) where you can park your bikes. We typically eat in the garden, as they have heat lamps and we’re already dressed for warmth (and the restaurant can be a bit crowded around lunchtime!).

After La Conner, we start to head to the tulip fields. While our planned route is a 20-mile zig-zag course through the Skagit Valley by the fields, invariably we make various detours depending on what fields are actually blooming. Plus, at any point if people are tired or the weather turns inclement, it’s easy enough to hop back on McLean and take it in to Mt. Vernon for a quick escape. Megan, Katy, Elizabeth, and Erik headed up the first up & down and saw some lovely tulip fields, but after about an hour we weren’t seeing much so we bagged it and headed back along McLean. Lauren and Ruben had stopped to fix a flat after heading out a bit later than the rest, and simply sped down along McLean to catch up with the rest at Mt. Vernon. Back at Mt. Vernon, we hung out at the Same Ol Grind coffeehouse, where we had some lovely cookies and coffee and took in some of the town before heading back.

Here’s a quick Live Maps collection with the starting location & food of record, and a MotionBased trail for what Lauren and Ruben rode. And some obligatory pics!

Erik towing Laura:








Kids coloring, with Lauren and Erik looking on:


Ruben next to some beautiful tulips:


A daffodil field:


Update 4/15/07: Here’s a MotionBased link to the 20-mile Tulip Pedal that Skagit County Medic One holds. Similar route to ours.

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