Daffodil Classic Ride Report

DSC04243.jpgToday ended up being a great day for a ride out in Pierce County. Erik (with Laura being towed in the trailer) and I ended up doing the 62 mile bike ride with no flats and no injuries. The conditions were fast and dry most of the day. There was a 5 mile stretch where it rained, but the reward was the sun came out by the time we were climbing hills in Eaton and the day got wonderfully warm. The food at each of the rest stops were grapes, cantaloupes, bananas, bagels, red potatoes and my weakness (extra chunky peanut butter). Most of the day is spent climbing the foothills heading towards Mt. Rainier and Eatonville. There were tons of farms, and cows and farm animals to entertain Laura. The big reward at the end of the ride is a 500 foot drop into Orting where we hit a max speed of 44MPH and an average of 35MPH for a mile.

The other reward is Strawberry Shortcake :)

Link to the ride:





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