South Whidbey Hills == Ouch

I did just over 40 miles around the south part of Whidbey on Saturday. I got a late start (at 2pm) but managed to do the whole thing, including 3675 feet of elevation gain (a couple of monster hills!) in 3.5 hours (4 hours total time – I had to stop for an extra bike tire in Freeland and a latte in Langley).
Things to note: – Bike on top of Prius == overheight charge on the ferry. Note to self: next time put bike on Joan’s car before getting in ferry line (we did this on the way home).

  • GREAT Artsy coffee house near where we were staying in Clinton (right off 525 across from a scary looking restaurant called Cozy’s)
  • South Whidbey is really pretty, and pretty hilly.
  • My new bike tires need tubes with long stems.
  • My legs weren’t terribly sore yesterday or today – just tired.
  • I saw 3 live bunnies, 1 road kill bunny, 1 green garter-ish snake, a bunch of horses, cows and a sheep who had just started to eat a dandelion puff ball from the bottom up when I called out “baaa” and it looked up, puff ball sticking out of it mouth. I wish I had my camera for all but the road kill.
  • Elizabeth biked from Seattle -> Whidbey on Friday (and made the same ferry we did – leaving at the same time from Seattle we did – we were stuck in 1 hour of ferry traffic…). She biked Whidbey->Seattle on Saturday and made damn fine time.

Here’s the Motion Based report.

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