A tale of three rides

It’s a weekend for a ride around the lake, and the sun even started to peak through the clouds!

On Saturday, Lauren wrote:

Greg, Elizabeth, Sean, Anthony, Emma and I did a loop around the lake today. Here’s the data from my Garmin. I forgot to turn my garmin back on after Coulon Park, so I’m Motion Based interpolated the mileage from there to south Bellevue. Basically that means the totals (including the moving average) is off, but probably not by much. GPS log on MotionBased

On Sunday, we had two concurrent routes clockwise around the lake. First from Ruben:

Sunday morning’s ride ended up with a 9am start at Blakely and 25th near University Zoka. Sylvia, Erik and I met with his bike team to do a lap around the lake. However, Sylvia and I ended up taking a different path and diverged at logboom park to take Juanita, Kirkland and Medina hills to get through Bellevue. I highly recommend the route since it takes you by Bill G’s house and you can easily identify his because of the unusual (and pretty) gate that marks the front of his house. It was my first time through that section and liked the lack of cars and the wide roads. Given it was just the two of us, we ended up settling into a nice groove of chatting and occasionally sprinting off to climb hills and fly down the downhill sections. The weather was cool and overcast with no rain and a minimum of cars on a Sunday to pull you off the road. Sylvia and I were worried we would keep slowing each other down as her training for the triathalon included a 40 mile bike ride + run yesterday. Yikes!

Here is the obligatory route map, and the recommendation to go out biking soon.

GPS log on MotionBased

Sadly, I don’t have a MotionBased log, but for what it’s worth:

As for me, I and 4 other Winos also rode around the lake clockwise. Ruben & Sylvia passed us while at a pee break at Logboom, and then we headed south along 96th Ave, taking the back way into Kirkland. We cruised along Market St. in Kirkland and did the standard loop around. We made good time with plenty of chatter; about 3:15 for the loop. We were in a 5-person group, so riding mostly in a double line, keeping to between 18-22 MPH.

Next week: Whidbey!

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