Pacific Raceways Flats (2nd Time)

May 8th, Pacific Raceways held the “flats” course. This is a speedy flat loop around the course, and tends to have a big field. Today was no different. We raced around the course for 8 laps, or about 40 minutes. At the end of the last turn before the final straightaway, the field squeezed itself into an arrow, with a long single-file line of maybe ten riders. I had swooped around on the outside, and decided to sprint a bit early to either give one of our guys a leadout (a Wino was leading the peleton) or go for it. I had some momentum, and found myself sprinting for the finish. So, seeking a new all-time Max HR, I busted out.

Sadly, about 50 meters from the finish, the rest of the pack caught up and started to pass. I was just unable to hold the speed, which was about 33 MPH. So, as riders passed, I let up, knowing my race was over. I finished with the pack as they overtook me.

So, lesson learned… I can’t hold a sprint for 400 meters yet. Gotta work on that. 😉


PR Flats

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