Pacific Raceways CCW with S-curve

May 15th – Counter-clockwise with the S-Curve. This is the most technical course at PR. On the downhill, rather than bombing through the “escape route” the peleton rides around a S-curve at the base of the downhill. This requires some breaking and handling, and is great practice for cornering at speed. Of course, for the 4/5s, it’s slow as we all break and then sprint to catch up to the folks who were in the front of the peleton and took the S-curve with more speed than the rest of us did.

I managed to botch the 2nd lap. I was towards the back of the peleton, and let it get away on the downhill so I could zip along with momentum. I’d then catch up to the peleton on the uphill. This kind of worked, but I got gapped on the flats and burned up a lot of energy catching back up to the pack. I was able to stick with it for another lap, but then just got dropped on the next lap. Michael, one of the 1-2-3s, was also riding solo (recovering from the flu), so he gave me and an Oberto junior a wheel for a lap. We stopped at the finish, which was a lap earlier than the rest of the 4/5s, but I was done… just blew out too much energy early on, and the hill took care of the rest. Moral of the story: stay up with the pack, don’t yo-yo on the middle!


PR S-curve

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