70 miles around the lake (through Issaquah)

Now we had always said “Issaquah (70 miles) and now I understand – 70 miles is the U district to Issaquah and back. That’s not what we did today. This is:

70 miles around the lake (through Issaquah)

Scott and I met up at UZ at 9, then we headed out. Right in Woodinville we suddenly had someone tailing us. It was ERIK! Riding to work. Very cool.

We met up with James around 10:30 in Redmond and continued to cycle south. Erik peeled off to work. We took West Lake Sammamish – which is busy with loads of cars (more than 12 years ago for sure!) but a nice wide shoulder.

The only problem is south of 43rd, it’s a 4 lane road, but no bike lane. There’s the bike TRAIL but it’s gravel. Where do they expect cyclists to cycle? I wonder what Cascade says about that. And why the decision to make East Lake Sammamamish trail gravel.

Anyway, a bit of traffic through Issaquah, which used to be a lovely place to stop for lunch. We didn’t though. We plowed on. We also found that it appears the Bellevue bike map is not up to date. At least the one I got from on line. We found the I-90 bike trail through signs – you pick it up right near Sunset school and it takes you UP the twisty windy switch backs (a beautiful wooded area) – towards the highway. It dumps you out near Eastgate – for about a 2 mile not-so-fun stretch – but again it’s busy but plenty of room for cyclists.

Right at Factoria, you pick up the trail again and it dumps you out right where the split off at Lake WA Blvd. From there we just did the south end of the lake – stopping for quite a bit at Kidd Valley in Coulon Park.

At Montlake, Scott peeled off and went home. By the time I got back to the U district I was only at 66 miles. Bound and determined to hit 70, I followed James back all the way up to 97th – to try a route to Meadowbrook that Greg recommended. It did quite the trick Greg. Thanks. James continued on the trail home.

So there you go. 73 miles. 5.5 hours ride time (7.75 total time with stops). My butt is sore.


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