Scouting Ravensdale-Cumberland

Ravensdale - CumberlandA few fellow Winos and I scouted next week’s race, Ravensdale-Cumberland. This is a nearly 60 mile course (at least for Cat 4/5 men), comprised of two laps around a two-loop course with a nasty, short, steep 20% grade wall half-way through. We had a good time through the course; the weather was warm but not too hot, the scenery was gorgeous, and the company was good as always. We made great time, even with a couple stops (such as a recovery right after the hill!) and averaged over 20 MPH for the three and a half hours we were on the course. Come race day, it’ll probably be closer to 3 hours, but I suspect the pace will be the same given the rolling hills.Anyway, I’ll see if there’s some interest for doing this ride either for STP or perhaps post-STP… given the undulations, it’s probably a reasonable RAMROD training ride as well (2000 feet of climbing Ruben!)


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