RAMROD – CTS Training Series

MotionBased CTS RAMROD BellevueMan I am glad I went biking yesterday as opposed to today.

As I managed to get myself a ticket for RAMROD, I am currently trying to get a lot of long hills in on my rides. Fortunately, Cascade Bicycling has a Saturday morning ride for people training for RAMROD.

The ride (70 miles, 5000ft) yesterday was gorgeous and took me downs some roads and parts of Bellevue that I had never ridden through. The weather was perfect, as it was partly cloudy and appropriately cool on the uphill and warm on the flats. The faster part of the ride was when we formed a pace-line for the final stretch from Maltby back to Marymoor park. Unusually, I was borrowing Lauren’s bike today which was _REALLY_ good since she had a triple which I had to use once on a particularly nasty uphill, and had the nice psychological effect of knowing I had a bail-out gear if I really needed it. In talking about this with the other bikers, I was able to get from most people that a triple would be a good thing to have esp at 6500 feet :)

The interesting part is that every stop people mentioned other interesting rides to do like the Bluett ride today, and another ride called the “Death Ride”. I will let you read the details for that here: http://www.deathride.com/

-Ruben ” Back to your regularly scheduled memorial day weekend …. ” Ortega

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