Lauren’s 15 hills of Kirkland (and one in Ravenna)

15 hills of KirklandThis morning, I got up literally at the crack of dawn and got on the road at 6am. I made it to Kirkland (via the 1 hill in Ravenna and the Juanita/Seminary and Market hills of Kirkland) in 1hr 11 minutes and signed up for the “7 hills of Kirkland.” I LAUGH at 7 hills.

Silvia showed up and we got started just after 8am. Hill #1? back up Market hill (210ft), to Juanita Hill (285 feet), then Seminary Hill (455ft). Then Norway (475ft), Kingsgate (412ft), – food stop with yummy peanut butter on everything – Winery hill (“Only 390 feet, but a 21% grade at the bottom AND my gears wouldn’t go down into the granny – I had to stop and fix that). We stopped at the food stop again for more peanut butter and cookies.

Here’s where dorky Lauren apparently turned off the GPS for 11 miles – skipping 1000+ ft of elevation gain)… For next was Education hill (410 feet), Redmond Ridge (617 feet), (the GPS was back on here) Mc Whirter Hill (266 ft), Education HIll (part II – 330 ft) and finally Rose Hill (a VERY long 525 feet).

Silvia did fantasticly well on the uphills. The only reason why she didn’t have to wait for me was that I was really good at catching up on the downhills. If you ask me, she’s ready for the Victoria 1/2 iron :)

After the Best Strawberry Shortcake ever, I went back up and over Market and Juanita/Seminary hill.

Total – approx 91 miles, 7000ft elevation gain. This link will show most – some is missing. The weather was perfect – cloudy so not too warm – just a little cool in spots until around 2pm on my way home. I met up with Ruben at U village and we walked the bike back up the hill to the house. I just couldn’t get myself to do that last 200 ft gain with a frappacino in my hand 😉

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