Snohomish Ride

Snohomish MotionBasedA wonderful day that started at 8:30 with me trying to ride from our house to Anthony’s without going uphill. I miscalculated and added elevation.

Still a great ride. Anthony and I made it to the cut off (to the trail that goes by the UW Bothell Campus) in under an hour, James showed up shortly there after. We only had one or two missed turns, up through to the Lowell Larimer road, but all in all made it to Snohomish and Pie in about 2hr 45 minutes ride time (just before noon with stops). The weather and view was gorgeous.

In Snohomish we had great sandwiches and pie behind the building in a Gazebo. Apparently we had arrived right in time – when we went back there were about 10 bikes parked out front. James and I eyed a couple of the recumbent bikes and soft-rides (including one lemon yellow one with a Sponge Bob Squarepants attached to it). When we went inside, I saw someone I knew (as will other people on this list from UW CSE department) – Richard Rodgers (and his new wife). Turns out Richard has the nifty red recumbent I was eying.

We rode back via Broadway hill (and Richard’s group passed us going up). But they stopped about halfway up and we just kept going. They didn’t pass us again :) Oh and I got to see a field of Irises in full bloom – what a treat!

On one of our almost missed turns James found our new Mascot: Maltby the Rescued Sea Otter (I’ve CC’d my sister here – who wants to start an Otter Rescue in the Pacific Northwest). Guess where we found him. Anyway, poor dirty Maltby road on my Voide Pack the rest of back, apparently flapping in the breeze.

Then Anthony and I got a crazy idea: let’s do 100 miles. So we followed James to his break off point (near Marymoor). After some discussion we went down East Lake Sammamish Pkwy through Issaquah and back around the lake.

Totals: My GPS says 103.55 miles, 7:37 road time, 10:24 total time.

Oh and 13 road kills (although we’re not quite sure if we should count the dead catfish on the trail near Newport). Four of the road kills were spotting in a 1 block stretch on Seattle Hill Road (Yes Jacki – I passed your work).

Two things I was personally proud of on this ride (other than being in the saddle for that long:

  • In comparison to doing the Lowell Snohomish road last year where I was just WIPED at 14. or so MPH unless I was drafting Megan, I was able to sustain 17-19 mph unaided on the new bike with the aerobars.
  • I was able to take the Broadway hill faster (note not FAST, just faster) than last time. It didn’t hurt as much either.

So is it the new lighter bike or is it the legs that are a bit better at climbing hills. Who knows.

Respectfully submitted,

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