Street Scramble

From the official Street Scramble site:


Saturday, June 9, 10 AM – Everett

Friday, June 22, 7 PM – Seward Park

Saturday, July 7, 10 AM – Ballard

Saturday, July 21-22, Night & Day at Green Lake

Sunday, July 29, Pike’s Place Market

Saturday, September 1, 10 AM, Puyallup

Sunday, September 23, 10:30 AM, Fremont. Foot only!

Tuesday, October 9, Yakima

Saturday, December 8, 10 AM, Pike’s Place Market. Foot only!

Street Scramble can be enjoyed by anyone who (a) can travel under their own power for 90 minutes – walking, running, biking, wheelchair, skating, or scootering, (b) can follow a street map, and (c) likes to explore.*Map fragmentMap fragmentWhen you arrive at Street Scramble, you will register (or check in, if you pre-registered). Then, a half hour before the start time, you will receive a map with about thirty checkpoint locations circled. Each circle has a number between 10 and 99. The point value of the checkpoint is equal to its number rounded down to the tens; for example, checkpoint 35 is worth 30 points; checkpoint 12 is worth 10 points. You will also receive a scorecard with a description of a feature to be found at each checkpoint, such as “statue of woman” or “public pier”. PlanningPlanningYou (together with your team, if you have a team) will then plan which checkpoints you will try to visit, and in what order. You can visit as many or as few checkpoints as you want, and in any order. Your team will need to stay together at all times. You can change your plan as you go along, but it’s very helpful to at least start with some kind of plan.A few minutes before the start there will be a pre-Scramble briefing where the event director will review rules and safety.There will be a countdown to the start after which you will head out to visit checkpoints. Again, your team must stay together at all times. Checkpoints are found at the exact centers of the circles on the map. When you arrive at a checkpoint location, look for the feature described on the scorecard. You will answer a simple multiple-choice question, found on your scorecard, to prove you were there. Example:

Statue of woman: What is the last word on the plaque next to the statue? (a) Arts (b) Commission (c) Space

Circle the correct answer and proceed to another checkpoint.To participate in the 90 minute option, you must return to the event center within 90 minutes. To participate in the 3 hour option, return within 3 hours. You can decide which option you want while you’re out there. Returning on time requires planning!

The map is usually a USGS topographical map. The map will have only a few street names on it, so it will be important for you to keep track of where you are on the map. Because the USGS updates its maps infrequently, the map will not be completely up to date and you will see streets and buildings on the map that no longer exist– an interesting window into the past.

When you return, you will turn in your scorecard. It is important to be on time because you will lose points for each minute you are late. We will keep your scorecard, but you get to take your map home with you. We will tally your score while you enjoy refreshments, included in your entry fee. After refreshments (40 to 60 minutes after the finish), award ribbons will be given out for those with the highest scores in different categories.

* Strollers and power wheelchairs are OK for those who need them. If you can’t read a map, you can be on a team with someone who can.

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