Sunday Solo

Ruben Ride 2007-06-10The ride to today was Seattle to Snohomish and then up the Interuban to Arlignton. Despite the forecast for 30% rains, know was to be found and we had a slow ride out with some great pie in Snohomish. That said my ride back was a little more stressful as it was 2pm and I was 50 miles away and had to be home by 5pm (I got home by 5:30) the second part of the trips is noted by the higher heart rate. That said it was lovely day to ride as I could do it with just lycra and a short sleeve, and figured out how to attach my jacket to my bike using the velco and turning the thing inside out. (I have only had it for 2-3 year, and wondered what the velcro was for…duh).

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