Weight makes a difference (at least for my wimpy legs)

Today, in lieu of a long ride, I wound up riding my bike to my 3 hours of softball – at the south end of Mercer Island. I took my trusty 12 year old Specialized Allez because I needed the panier to lug my gear.

Although I love my Allez with all it’s faults (like the top tube being too long for me, and the components are old (probably needs new hubs, etc)), I can tell you that I really really really appreciate my new Rodriguez bike – the S3 sport bike. With all my gear, plus the additional weight of the bike, panier and rack, I was probably lugging 20-30 lbs more than I do on a regular training day.

My average speed was approx 2mph less than it usually is. I told Ruben that having the panier (especially with the headwind) made it slower going on the flats and downhills, but it was most noticable going up hill – where it kind of felt like someone was holding onto the back of my rack and trying to make me go slower.

Still I managed to make it down there in 1hr 10 minutes – and got a coffee on the way. Home was pretty similar, although I stopped to chat with someone I know who lives along the bike route near the Arboretum.

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