Two Good Rides

Lauren and Elias’ rideI rode this morning with Elias on the Tandem – he did 8 miles! And I was able to navigate hills with him on there. I can definitely tell when he helps and when he just spins his legs (Anthony can vouch for this with Emma too)

Then when Ruben and Greg came home, Elizabeth, Erik and I did a quickie to Redmond and back. I saw Anthony up in Bothell zooming the other direction.

Twilight RideThe Garmin said 14.3 moving average for 42.3 miles, but I know we were really booking it in some places. Erik split off for dinner at the RedHook Brewery, Elizabeth and I continued until I split off at 100th (should have been 97th, I jumped the gun).

Depending on weather conditions I might try for a short ride in the morning or just hitting the trainer. The day starts out with a 30% chance of showers and gets worse as the day progresses.


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