Saturday and Today

Geyser Peak MotionBasedOn Saturday, James, Anthony and I went on the Cascade century ride down to Flaming Geyser state park. I didn’t post sooner because I’m missing quite a bit of data apparently (I pressed a button by mistake). Anthony’s garmin may have done better. I saw Linda on the way home – she was the sweep for the yellow group. I saw her husband Mitchel back at the Cascade headquarters – he was apparently the lead for the crazy Orange riders.

(Anthony, James and I were in the Green group.)

Fall City MotionBasedToday I ventured out to Fall City to Linda’s house. We did her “Red Barn Loop” – a leisurely ride up through Carnation and near the Nestle farm. It was gorgeous today! We got to see the foals along the route, but the Osprey apparently are not nesting this year. Oh and Sandy’s in Carnation is a great place to get a cold drink. There was a parade/vintage car show/craft fair in Carnation as well.

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