Now adding to my first aid kit

Sting relief stuff.

After our camping trip, Ruben dropped me off in Arlington at the head of the Centennial trail. It took a little longer than expected because the valve broke off on my front tire… So I’ve been pre-flatted for the STP I guess.

The trail is really nice. It’s very wide, very few bumps and at least today there weren’t too many people on the trail until I hit around Lake Stevens. It was really wooded and pretty… the only annoyance are these obnoxious gates to slow people like me around.

I boogied my way down to Snohomish, knowing Ruben was going there with the boys to get Pie. I got into town, Almost got a little lost, but found the pie shop. Just as I was about to give up on finding Ruben, I saw him pulling out and caught up with him!

I went back (not to the pie shop) to find something to eat (wound up with ice cream)… and then left about maybe 20 minutes later.

Just as I turned onto Airport road to head back a flying insect (probably a hornet or wasp) got under my helmet above my right eye. Unlike the other 3-4 times this year this has happened, this one started to sting me. Still on my bike I tried to move my helmet off to the side to let it out, but it got wedged in there – stinging at least 3-4 times above my eyebrow. Then it fell into my glasses and stung me a few more times just below my eye (near the corner).

I somehow got off my bike without crashing and started to throw water on it. After finding out I didn’t have any thing int he Group Health Ouch Pouch that I carry, I realized I at least had paper towels folded up in a plastic bag – I got one out and could use that as a compress.

I had to call Ruben back (who was in Bothell by this point) – the swelling caused my eyesight to blur. The pain was pretty intense too. I was still in pain 1+ hours later when I got home.

What was really annoying was how many people drove passed me (including 3 walkers) who didn’t even ask if I was ok or needed help. Just one person asking would have been NICE – not to mention I was a little too shakey to go get ice – getting some would have been helpful. I’m not so much a fan of human nature at the moment.

So in short: having paper towels in the bike bag == good. Water in at least one water bottle == good (better to have ice in said water). Not having sting relief – really bad.

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