PR: Return to the Flats

Well, after a month off, I returned to Pacific Raceways for a flats race. The race was… weird. The 1/2/3s lapped us in the 4/5s fairly early (as is often the case in flats due to 6 minute laps and staggered starts), but then had an early break, and the chase group basically gave up. This then caused the 4/5s to start to lap the 1/2/3s a few times! After the first time, we went neutral around the first turn (the big oval on the left), but then they sat up on the dragstrip… so we started to pass them. They didn’t like that, so they moved ahead… but not by much (as in our front was pretty much drafting off them). Then around the start/finish a few laps later, we were passing them and they went neutral, and then in the middle of the pass they took off again. Bit of a cluster, frankly.

I decided to push some sprints up the sides, trying to tow Winos behind to the front. Went up to the front three times (once to the actual front and did a bit of pulling), but for whatever reason the Wino I wanted to bring was busy recovering, so that didn’t happen. Ah well. Went for the first preme, but didn’t have enough on the sprint compared with the other guys who were going for it. Oh well, no Oberto for me! Tried to move up for a chance at the sprint on the second lap, but really didn’t have much left and coasted in with the pack on the bunch sprint.

PR Flats

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