Sunriver 50

Ruben and I woke up at 8, found the “50% chance of showers” wasn’t, and hopped on our bikes. From Sunriver, we went west out route 40, down forest route 4270, then back on route 42 (data)

This was a gorgeous ride. The first part was a pretty low grade constant climb to close to 5000 feet (from 4100). Then we had this beautiful downhill to the Crane Prairie Reservoir. We were lucky our route didn’t take us past 4270 – route 40 just to the west of there was a forest fire.

My leg was much better (like at 85-90%) and we were able to average 15.4 mph. There were *no* services – it was one of the few rides where I just wasn’t going to be able to stop at a store for food or water. The forest was my friend a couple of times too. I even asked Ruben if we saw a bear or coyote would we be able to outrun them, he said yes. (We did see some kind of large animal scat by the side of the road, so they were definitely out there).

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