Cold Toes to Mt. Bachelor

My cousin Joe (who was riding my old Allez with platforms over the SPDs and his sneakers because he forgot his clipless shoes) went from Sunriver up towards Mt. Bachelor on this rainy cold morning. (Data). The goal was between 20-30 miles.

We got just to over 4700 feet from about 4150… and turned around just before the road became “Edison Ice Cave Road”. We did the whole thing in about 2 hours (including a stop for espresso on the way back).

The ride up the hill was nice a really easy grade – well except for the killer headwind for the first 6 or so miles as we crossed the valley. Down with the tail wind was just fun, except for that cold wet rain. Joe liked my fenders and I have a rooster tail on my jacket since I was using my newer fenderless bike.

Ruben’s plan is to do the same route only make it all the way to the to top of the pass at Mt. Bachelor. I may actually try joining him even though it goes to 6700 feet – and just turn back early if I need to. It’s “only” another 10 miles or so from where Joe and I turned around.

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