Yeah! and Ouch!

First the data

The Yeah! I biked 20 miles up a hill with Ruben today! We biked from Sunriver up to Mt. Bachelor (the main lodge) at 6400 feet. It was more of a mentally daunting task then physically. I don’t think the grade was more than 8% at any point, mostly probably a 3-5% grade…although this was my first time biking above 1 mile up. We took 2 hours to get up, had a great latte and snack at the lodge, then flew back down in 1 hour.

Ruben split off from me and went to the Pauline lakes (another 17 or so mile out and back). I gave him the rest of my food and water and headed back to our condo. My plan was to take the long way around passed the airport and stables like I had done with Joe yesterday.

The Ouch! As I was making a left into Sunriver, there was all this gravel. I saw it too late and completely came down on my left side (hip, shoulder and hand). I couldn’t move for a good few minutes (felt like forever) but eventually was able to get up with the help of this wonderful woman who stopped and helped me out. My front handlebars had been wedged under the frame with the force of going down, but other than needing to re-tape my handlebars, I think the bike is fine. (I heart steel frames).

I biked back to the condo the long way anyway – probably stupid but keeping my leg moving seemed to be the right thing to do. My shoulder was stinging from the wind on the road rash up there – and I’ve ripped my older jersey (I guess it’s a good thing I bought extra in this last batch).

The interesting thing was the pain hit once I got home and took off the shorts, THAT’s when the pain got bad. I guess the shorts were putting compression on my hip. Darn. Just as I was healing too. Now Ibuprofen and ice are my friend. I guess this gets me out of cleaning the condo though.

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