2009 Chilly Hilly

Chilly Hilly’s requisite data. I lost a bit of data at one point during the ride, so the mileage is a little low.

Megan and I took the 7:55 ferry – there were loads of people. We saw Tristan the Ride Ref on the ferry over, but he got off the ferry much quicker than we did (and probably was very quick on the route). I also thought I had seen my advisor Steve T, and it turns out I had.

Chilly Hilly was Hilly, but not so chilly this year. It was drizzling a bit at the beginning, but stopped raining within an hour. It warmed up quite nicely.

I was a bit skittish on the hills and I couldn’t figure out why until I realized I had very little back braking capability. I thought I needed new brakes, but the nice folks at the REI tent at the first big stop just tightened things down with a REALLY great tool (I need one of those things). It took a while (the guy in front of me had broken his chain) I was also a little slow on the uphills, and realized by stop 1 that I was bonking a bit. It got better after some food, but not terrific.

Plusses: The company 🙂 , the ride, the folks directing traffic at the beginning of the ride, and the sign-age early on. The views, particularly down near the south west corner of the ride.

Minuses: The lack of noticeable Dan Henrys later in the ride, The sign that seemingly pointed to no where for the Cider stop (so I missed it), my legs, which I thought were strong but apparently are not, the folks who a) rode slow in the middle of the street or b) stopped dead in the middle of the street c) the folks crossing the yellow line because of a) and b), etc. Quite frankly, it was worse than the newbies on STP. I had to ask folks a number of times to please get to the right of the road if they’re stopping.

Megan and I stopped at Pegasus coffee and I had a fantastic latte and scone. We actually lounged there and just enjoyed the weather and sitting outside. I was watching the .83 folks whiz by on their way to their chili feast.

Megan and I then caught – what was it the 12:30 ferry? Something like that. I took a couple of pictures on my cell phone after Megan pulled out her cool cell phone. This was one of the pictures. She’ll have to send the others.

The ferry back was pretty packed. Actually Megan and I bumped into Mitchel today on the ferry ride home (as well as Steve T). We started to talk about STP.