PR: Flats, 39 again!

The 2009 Pacific Raceways season is off! I headed down there to secure my totally useless number, 39, and got it. This way I’ll have some spares! :) Anyway, we did flats, and it was wet (but not raining). 30-ish people, and about lap 5 I was dying. I got dropped, stopped half-way through, and adjusted my rear brake. Seems I was rubbing; need to check the power to see, as flats at PR is the race you can sit in at 30 with sub-100 watts. I was pushing 300 just to keep up, and we were only going 23 MPH or so.

Anyway, I hopped back in, the pedaling was much easier, and finished with the pack. No crashes, OK sprint from the back. Good workout.

Time to true that wheel. 😉

PR Flats

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