Seward Park: Clockwise

My third season of racing, I finally had a free Thursday night to head over to the twilight Seward crit. There are three races: 5:30, 6:00, and 7:00. I decided to try the 5:30, and felt good but tired after finishing the hills race Tuesday. The race started off slowly for a crit, with maybe 60 people in the field. I only had one lap to warm up on the course, but went the wrong way. So, time to figure things out on the fly.

The toughest bit on the map is the 140′ corner, but what I was having trouble with was staying on a line fast in the downhill. Basically, the clockwise route is a flat just after the corner, then a slight descent, then a faster descent around the loop. Then a quick hill back to the corner. I took the descent on the brakes the first few laps, as I wasn’t sure how well the pack would hold their lines (nor how well I could hold mine). After 8 or 9 of 15, the pack got away on the hill. As I finished the 14th the pack lapped me for the uphill finish. Fun crit, but woof! Certainly different than PR.

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