Dropped in 10 minutes

Well, that sucked.

I did the Ravensdale Road Race Re-Do… it was canceled due to snow in March, but on a nice sunny May day, game on! I was ready, as were about 62 other people in Cat 4. Good warm up, feeling fine… get to the line a bit late so I’m towards the rear, but shouldn’t be a big deal. We head out, and we’re already doing 21… speedy! Worse, I’m feeling.. taxed. That’s not good. Someone at the head drills it up the hill, which comes after about a 2-mile “neutral” lead out… and I’m dying trying to keep up. That’s not right. The hill crests, I’m dropped with a few others. I notice my rear brakes are a bit close, so I open them up and head on out.

I caught a Starbucks guy who had been dropped at the end of the first lap, then we picked up 5 more. The 5s passed us, and then on the end of the 3rd (of 4) laps the women 1-2 break passes us. Then the main women 1-2 sorta passes us at the top of the final hill on the 4th lap… but by now we have some energy, so we stay in the rolling enclosure behind them. It’s fine, they’re mailing it in due to the break.

End the race, I’m 45 / 63. Wow, that’s a third after me? Turns out there was a wicked crash at the descent on the 4th lap. Ben Collins, a pro TT (but Cat-4 racer), was moving up on the left to the front of the pack, and the leader, Ian from Cucina Fresca, clipped him. Huge crash, everyone in front. Ugh…  bunch of Wines guys were there, they went down.

Ah well.

Turns out there were also crashes in the 5s (on the hill), 3s (at the finish), and Masters C/D (on the hill). So, just a crash-tastic day all around! Sometimes, it’s OK to roll in.

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