2011 Sequim #2

A forecast of partly sunny skies, no Mason #3 on Sunday… and it’s time for Sequim #2! This time, we had 11 Bikesale.com folks in the field of 89. Plenty of fresh legs, plenty of water (some with electolytes), and we’re good to go! For whatever reason though, this race was sketchier than last week. Lots of “slowing!” and the occasional bumping, although no crashes the four laps (although a decent number in the day, esp on the womens fields; more on that later). The first lap, Andrew (on Bikesale.com) and an Apex guy took off to the end, but couldn’t hold things. We caught them at the beginning of the first lap. Second lap wasn’t too exciting, although we saw an ambulance at the bottom of the second hill. I heard that 4 women were sent to the hospital in the AM – not good. Third lap, a bunch of us realized we best get to the front, and I managed to get myself in prime position among the top 6 or so people to start the fourth lap. Then, up the hill, I let people on the left and right swallow me, and before I know it, I’m back in the middle, fighting to get ahead. By this time, we were on the straightaway on Woodcock, with a light headwind. The pack was cruising about 20, as Eric Spring (another Bikesale.com) guy was being blocked on the front. He was keeping a slow pace, but nobody was getting impatient. Eventually an IJM guy did and stretched things out so some of us could move ahead, but too little too late. We rounded the final corner, most of us had crap position, and we semi-sprinted in among the traffic.

Top 20? 30? Well, once we got the results, I found out top 52! Ugh. Ah well, another pack finish.

My neighbor Brian was racing in the Masters AB, so while he did that, his wife Re, daughter, and Laura came up. We watched the first couple of laps, then we went to the Olympic Game Farm that’s in the center of the course. Wow – totally cool. A driving tour gets llamas, yaks, and elk coming up to the car for some bread. But even cooler are the animals behind the fences. There’s a lion, bengal tiger, siberian tiger, some timber wolves, a coyote, and about 20 bears – kodiak and black! Pretty impressive.

We came back to see the end of the Masters AB, but just saw the aftermath of the Women’s 1-2. Three women went down about the 200m mark, and there were 2 ambulances and 2 paramedics. Report was some road rash on one, but someone else was pretty beat up on her face, unfortunately. Oof…. the rough nature of bike racing.

Next week, blowing off IVRR and getting a rest week in time for OVRR the week after – another flat race for people like me!

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