First Track Race

I did my first track race with 12 of my closest friends. Wasn’t sure how my fitness and sprints would be, but no time like the present to find out.
We did three races: 10 lap point-per-lap, 8 lap scratch, and 5×4 points (20 laps where each 4th lap is worth a point).
First race, two guys went off early. I chased, and went off after a lap to let the guys behind continue. Unfortunately, the three JL Velo guys behind me were content to sit there – ugh! Well, turns out they were sitting for Koji, who would take the day’s omnium. I was gassed, so I just mailed it in.
Second race, I went from the get-go. I was a quarter-lap in front all by my lonesome for 4 laps of the 8. Turns out the JL Velo crew was content to see me suffer. They then reeled me in, and Koji again took the win.
Third race, I and Don (another random rider) had a plan to go on Lap 2 to see if we could do something. We did, but just towed the pack around. I sat in for most of the laps, then went at lap 6 to see if I could get some points. Nothing happening. I ended up leading for the last 3 laps until the end, with a pack finish.
Fun night. Didn’t win, but that’s OK – wanted to just figure out where I was compared to the field. Good news, I was in the mix. Bad news, just didn’t do much of anything.
Next up, tomorrow for PR hill climbing…