Ride to support Stone Way bike lanes

At Greg’s behest Elias and I did a ride to protest the fact that the city went back on their promise to have a bike lane on Stone way

Which quickly got written up on the Strangers blog Comment: I saw the “Bike Bullies” guy they mentioned here.. I had to laugh. Elias and I slowly chugging along on the tandem is SO DAMN SCARY. We’re SUCH BULLIES!

When we got home and I was watching the news to see if there was anything about it… No mention of it on the news, even though a helicopter hovered over head for about 15 minutes – I guess we we didn’t clog up traffic enough. Elias did hear the word “protest” and got all excited – ’cause he knew he had protested something today (we had been
talking about it this week).

As a note, Elias biked this route to get from camp to the protest, then around the protest loop once, then back home. He did 12.5 miles, a new
record for him. I did an extra 2.5 miles to go pick him up by going from my house up and over 68th to Magnusson park where his camp is on the tandem with the stoker
position empty. I know it looks odd. I get many weird looks (like “did
you forget someone??!?!”) That’s a big heavy bike and I had to go up and
over hills with it. I don’t know what’s worse, the bike with out him on
it or the bike with him on it… he does help, but does he help 57lbs