Bike to Work (School) Day

Today I got to participate in my first bike-to-work (school) day. I left early so I could make get my coffee at Bus Stop, then check out the SWAG at the Bike to School day. I wound up seeing Kathy Shane – the bike commuter who had been interviewed on Fox News on Monday May 12 – (hey, it was just after watching House on Monday night).

I told her I loved her comment about “and you look so good in the bike clothes!” I think she was surprised anyone recognized her. 🙂

I met another teacher (Debby Heath) and 4 students (including a middle schooler!) at the Greenlake Starbuck’s and we headed up towards school. We stopped at the Northgate Bike to Work stop and got more Clif Bars.

At school the bike rack, which usually has a few empty spots even at 10 am, was completely packed…

packed bike racks

and overflowing.

overflow parking

After that I headed to collect my free breakfast by just showing my helmet 😉 MMMM, Belgian waffles and eggs. MMMMM.

But the best part of the commute is one of the other teachers, Scott Ogawa and 6 other students wound up biking to ballard on the “conference bike.”

They apparently rented it from the Dutch Bike Co and rode in. Now I won’t mention that they *drove* to get the bike, but they did bike commute. Here are two photos:

Conference bike

Conference bike in motion

Apparently it’s the first bicycle of this type in Seattle. Scott said it’s really geared for going up hills. For downhills it has a break pedal like a car. Scott also said it was frustrating on the flats because you were spinning a LOT. I suspect they also had to completely take a lane as opposed being able to share a lane with cars…