Pastry Powered at Chilly Hilly

The 2007 season kicked off in fine form with Cascade‘s annual Chilly Hilly bike ride! Or, if you’re a .83‘er, the FHR. It’s the same course that they’ve used for a while — a nice loop around Bainbridge Island, which includes a couple of nice hills. Here’s the elevation profile I stole from Cascade:


Due to random ferry times, we had a few going on each ferry, but sadly this meant we weren’t together as one big group. Jeanie, Vickie, Lynn, Didi, and her husband hit the 7:45 for the loop. Ruben, Megan, and Elizabeth managed to hit the 8:45 ferry and did the entire loop. I roped my friend Nick, visiting from Cambridge, UK, into coming with me and Laura. It took us a bit longer to get our act together, so we hit the 9:30. Here are some shots of them being photogenic before boarding:



Gotta love the cameraphone!

Nick, Laura, and I bailed after the Cider Stop… turns out hauling 55 pounds or so up some of those hills was a lot more tiring than I thought! Not to mention I was still recovering from the flu and had just done a race prep the day before. I know I know… WAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!

Let the season begin!