PR: Flats

2011 Pacific Raceways started with threatening skies… so what else is new? Flats, with a decent number of Bikesale guys riding Masters (David, Alan, Gordy, Barry, Laura, and I). However, we were completely unorganized. We rode around, and I got myself in position for a go at the first preme. However, as I swooped around the corner, I saw 2 KR guys with a nice lead-out going for it. I sat up and hopped in the chase, but they had the preme.

A few laps later, second preme… 3 guys were off the front, and I and a KR guy moved to chase. We drug the pack to them, and swallowed them up. The pack slowed up at the end of the drag strip, so I made a half-hearted attempt to go for the second preme. However, didn’t have that much gas, and a bunch of others did. I ducked in the back for the rest of the laps until the 2nd to last. At this point, moved up a bit, but saw the train for KR again, and nothing really for us. Half-sprinted to the end, but was tired and just rolled it in.

Good workout, but no teamwork… just lots of individual efforts. In 2 weeks, we’ll have to try and be a bit more organized; for example, putting together a lead-out train or two on the premes / final.