Pastry Powered at Flying Wheels 2007

Flying Wheels MotionBasedAh, a lovely day for a long ride. Ruben, Elizabeth, James, and I did the Cascade Flying Wheels Summer Century , a lovely tour on the east side of Lake Sammamish. It had been raining the week before, and forecase called for a 30% chance of rain. Well, Ruben came to get me about 7:30, and we were off. In Ruben’s words:

Great day for a bike ride!

Erik and I headed out at 7:30 on the Burke Gilman Trail to get to the ride start at Marymoor. There was the option to drive out, do 100 miles and then drive home, but that seemed silly. So we ended up biking out to Marymoor, catching up with Elizabeth (who also biked out) and James. The weather was lovely and the 65 mile route had enough hills to keep it entertaining. We all overdosed on peanut butter, bagels and clif bars. By the end of the ride I would have killed for an egg burrito with a steak, and James was talking about taking a hard salami to cut up and eat while riding, and Elizabeth thought about cubed cheeses. Can you tell we were tired of all the sugar and cheap carbs on the ride?

Ruben FW 2007 pic 03The weather conditions were overcast with occasional sun breaks which kept the weather warm enough to ride without a jacket, but not so warm that you ever felt overheated. There was some opportunities to tuck in some pacelines, and on one of the down hills I averaged 31 MPH for a mile and peaked at 44MPH. The total ride was 108 miles and well supported. Next year I take Elias on the tandem…..

Erik FW 2007Ruben is far too modest, but he’s looking in great shape for RAMROD. Clearly, my race training has put me in shape for short races – 2-3 hour hard intensity. I was doing fine until about the halfway point, 55 miles or so. Then I started to run low on gas. Yeah, there are decent hills on the ride, and my bike probably has 10 pounds on Ruben’s, not to mention my 25 pounds of gut. But that’s no excuse — I just haven’t been pushing on the endurance as much as I thought, and it showed today!

For the second half of the ride, Ruben and I went ahead of Elizabeth and James. We found a couple of other riders in a paceline, and made some reasonable time. Ruben took a monster pull — clearly he still had plenty of gas left in the tank. I sat on his wheel for a few miles, and then let him go ahead on the beginning of the last, and biggest, hill. I was talking to a woman in a Velo Bella shirt… and she mentions so casually, “Is this the 3-mile hill?” Yeah, not something I really wanted to hear. So I huffed it up mostly in the granny gear. Just before the top of the final summit, my right calf started to cramp hard. I quickly got to the side and rested it for a bit… it was fine for the rest of the ride.

The only other issue that cropped up was on the final steep downhill. My rear tube got a small leak – puncture at the rip in the tire from a glass shard I ran over 6 months or so ago. So I pulled off at the side halfway down, pumped up the tire a bit to get me back, and was off. I caught up with Elizabeth and pulled her in to Marymoor, where I swapped the tubes for the ride back at the Pedro’s tent. Ruben, Elizabeth, and I then headed home for the recovery portion of the ride — check out the HRMs below!

Erik HRM Flying Wheels 2007Erik HRM Flying Wheels 2007 part 2