Feb & March events

Hey everyone,

I hope winter isn’t treating you too badly! Well, the ice is thawing, which means time for riding again! I thought I’d write down a quick note about some upcoming events:

Sunday, Feb 25th: Chilly Hilly
Sat & Sun, Mar 10th and 11th: Seattle Bike Expo at Magnuson Park. Want a super low (< 1000) STP number? Register here!

A great list of rides & races is here: http://www.wsbaracing.com/events.asp

I’ll be in a few of the races as well, especially one of the Mason Lake series. Apparently, the main bike racing season doesn’t start until mid-April really, but the early ones are great to figure out what the hell you’re doing.

A couple questions for the people at large:

  • Besides STP (duh), any big events this year people would like to do en mass? RSVP perhaps? Or Tour de Blast (big hills!)? Or maybe even RAMROD on Thursday, July 26th, assuming Mt. Rainier can reopen?
  • Anyone up for a winter bike cleaning / overhaul party? Perhaps the week prior to Chilly Hilly? Yeah, we could all drop ’em off at Gregg’s or whereever, but I’ve been slowly but surely figuring out how to do my own maintenance, so it may be fun for us to share the wealth and save some $$.
  • Finally — while we started official training rides in April, I’m up for doing some rides earlier. But then again, I’ve been riding with UBC around the lake more or less every weekend, so I’m used to the crappy weather now. 😉 Anyone else up for some touring in Jan / Feb / March?