I hope I can do better than this for STP

Flying Wheels on a tandem with a recalcitrant child is very hard. That said, we averaged around 11mph. Maybe a little less because that last hill I swapped out with Ruben (Ruben took the tandem, I took his bike which was VERY weird and felt wayyyy too light after 50 some odd miles on the tandem).

Flying Wheels
is a tough course with the 65 mile route having 4 hills. It was the first supported ride for Ericka and Elias. (They both approved of all the goodies, Elias particularly approved of the toaster PASTRIES they were handing out. I approved of the Sweet and Salty bars. MMMMM!) Ruben did the 100 mile route and caught back up with us the 2nd time we hit the stop at Nestle farm.

We had 2 people say they wanted shirts! Eye catching for sure. Good thing I ordered a few extra this year.

Requisite data is here, although I’m missing 5 miles because I pressed a button I shouldn’t have at the first stop :( . Still 65+ hilly miles, approx, 3500 feet of elevation gain. I must now mourn my lost data and stretch.