Flats, point per lap, crashtastic, then Hills, point per lap

Today… um… sucked. But I didn’t go down.

The course was flats point-per-lap – 2 points for first across each lap (except the first), 1 point for second. Highest points at the end wins. Cool.

It was lightly raining. Not cool.

We sped around the first lap, fast… some people were pushing, rest of us were chatting, “Um, first lap neutral, no points guys…” But whatever. Second lap, GO! I was around the top 10ish, positioning myself for a sprint. Third lap, we round the bend, I’m in a good position on the right, and GO! There’s someone leading the main pack in the middle, they start to drop back. There’s another guy on my left. Turns out the pack conceded to us… sprint! sprint! sprint! And he gets me by a hair. That’s OK, first point in PPL.

We sit up and let the pack catch up. As we round the bend for the drag strip, we see that the Masters have crashed. Oof! Neutral through the crash. Sprint again, and then I’m back in the top 10ish ready for another go. I’m nervous on the drag strip, so I’m leading out the third line (left-most). We get to the almost-end of it, and CRASH! I hear bikes falling behind me. I don’t even look… I’m all about maintaining my line and maintaining my bike upright on the slick rubber. We cruise around, some people sprint, but more are looking at the carnage. There’s about 10 of us. Rory or Deanna, who run it, yell “ESCAPE ROUTE!” So the course shifts to PPL Escape Route (HILL!).

Well, with crashes and hills, we’re done. Mike, one of my teammates who made it through the crash, has legs. He pretty much goes off the front up the hill, stays away for 2 of the final 4 laps. Nobody is really pushing things though… two crashes and sprinting after a hill has just taken the wind out of everyone.

Oof… made it, got a point, drove home. Weird, rough day.

PR Flats

Flats, Point-Per-Lap 7/22

Been off from racing for a bit, so back at it with a fun points-per-lap race. Quick reminder, this format is that every lap the leaders get points; most points at the end wins – not necessarily first guy to cross on the last lap. So it tends to be sprint after sprint, and fairly tough!
Well, it was as eventful as ever. Few teams were there in force, so lots of quick attacks and sprints at the end, followed by sprints after the line to try and break away. The most excitement for me was about lap 11, when a small attack formed. I bridged up to it, thinking I was towing the pack, then realized that five of us were alone. We made it to the drag strip, then 2 people peeled off. End of the strip, a third peeled off, shouting that the two of us had it. We went as hard as we could, and I was leading as we rounded the turn for the finish, but the pack reeled us in a hundred yards from the finish. Alas! I think if the 3 had stayed with us another rotation or two, we would have had it easily, but it was just not happening for the two of us for half a mile.
Finished the race uneventfully; I was fairly spent after that, so didn’t push for much afterwards.