Mason Lake #2: Dumb dumb dumb

Mason Lake MBMy first race of the 2009 season was supposed to be Sequim #1, but I wasn’t going to wait for 2 hours for them to declare the course unsafe… or, barely safe to race. So, first race, Mason #2. I went into the race hoping my off-season training, especially my new improved weight lifting plan, would give me enough strength on the rolling hills to finish the race. Previous times, I kept getting burnt out after two or three laps.

I arrived at Mason Lake about an hour and a half prior to the start, and the rain was coming down. Not light drizzle, rain. Real rain. Well, I have that spiffy Hincapie rain jacket, new yellow Wines of Washington / kit… sure. It’ll suck, but how bad can it be?

Well, after a lap, I’m completely drenched. My torso is fine, but my fingers are frozen. My legs are soaked, my feet cold, and the Smartwool socks I’m wearing are drenched and squishing with each pedal stroke. Plus, the Starbucks guys and Fresca guys at the head of the pack were interested in keeping up a frisky pace – either to finish quickly or thin the pack early. Either way, after a lap, I was done. I was dangling heading up the hill on the beginning of the second lap, legs dying… I passed one of my guys up the hill who was also done, caught up to the pack just as it took off again. Ugh. OK, I’m done… I biked around the lake, saw a break-away of 5s pass me towards the finish, and packed it in. It took me half an hour to warm up my extremities… glad I only was out there for an hour!

One of these days I’ll finish Mason… ah well, next year.